The Efficacy of the Turmax Drug for Cultivating Potatoes under the Conditions of the Tomsk Oblast


The paper presents the results from field trials of Turmax organomineral supplements. The goal of the study was to investigate the effect of this drug on increasing potato yields and reducing the incidence of potato diseases. The object was the Turmax drug, which includes the basic mineral nutrients and metabolic products of rhizospheric microorganisms. The tests were carried out with the cultivation of Nevsky potatoes for 4 years with different weather conditions on gray forest soil. Test options included control, a single spraying of potato plants by Turmax on seedlings and in the budding phase, and two-time spraying of plants on seedlings and in the budding phase. The results of the study showed that double processing of potatoes was the most effective in different weather conditions—for seedlings and before flowering. Potato yield increased by 21–40% in different years. This treatment not only significantly increased the potato yield but also decreased the incidence of their fungal (late blight, rhizoctonia, common scab) and bacterial (bacterial rot, wet rot, ring rot) infections.

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  • potato
  • foliar top dressing
  • organomineral supplement Turmax
  • bacterial
  • fungal diseases
  • productivity