Study of Glucose Cocrystallization with Sodium Chloride


The article is devoted to the pharmaceutical substance of glucose with sodium chloride connected by a crystal lattice into a single cocrystal in a ratio identical to the composition of medicinal solutions of glucose with sodium chloride (NaCl). Currently, these solutions are obtained from two substances of glucose and sodium chloride, which creates certain difficulties in the production of substances and solutions, complicating their technology and the cost of drugs. The proposed pharmaceutical substance is developed based on a double compound (DC) of glucose with sodium chloride, characterized by a high crystallization rate and solubility. The main parameters of the technological mode of cocrystallization of glucose with NaCl for inclusion in the production line for the production of crystalline glucose are determined. The high solubility of the substance in comparison with other types of glucose is shown.

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  • pharmaceutical substance of glucose with NaCl
  • double compound of glucose with NaCl
  • cocrystallization of glucose with NaCl
  • solubility