Biochemical Composition and Nutritional Value of Muksun in the Lower Lena River


Studies were carried out to determine the biochemical composition and nutritional value of muksun (Coregonus muksun (Pallas)) in the lower reaches of the Lena River. This is a valuable commercial fish; 90% of its total catch in Yakutia is covered by the Lena River, while its abundance is low in other rivers and continues to decrease due to overfishing. The average annual catch of muksun is 450 t and its total allowable catches are 510–590 t in Yakutia. It is noted that the fillet and belly of muksun are considered protein products in terms of protein content (15–20%). Thus, the protein content was 16.05 ± 0.003% in its fillet and 18.72 ± 0.009% in its belly. With respect to the fat content in the belly (22.67 ± 0.009%), muksun is a particularly fatty fish variety (over 15%). With respect to the nutritional value, muksun is considered a high-calorie food product (over 200–300 kkal/100 g). The proteins of the muksun fillet and belly have a high biological value, since the amount of amino acid score is higher than the ideal protein standard (over 100%). This research gives grounds to classify muksun meat as a high-quality and well-balanced food product.

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  • fish
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