Effect of Elevated Temperatures on Tribological Characteristics of a Plasma-Sprayed Al2O3 Coating under Sliding Conditions without Lubrication


The article presents the results of tribological testing of a plasma-sprayed Al2O3, MgAl2O4 coating under sliding conditions without lubrication at a volume temperature of 20–600°C. The counterface materials were the alloys 316L(N)-IG, BrAZHNMts9-4-4-1 (aluminum bronze) used in the constriction of enhanced heat flux panels of the first wall and blanket module connectors of the ITER thermonuclear reactor. There was a significant increase in the friction coefficient and wear intensity at temperatures of T ≥ 250°C for both types of coatings. The main wear mechanism of oxide coatings was abrasive, which appeared after onset of brittle fracture and fatigue spalling areas on the surface coatings. Possible ways of reducing frictional forces in friction units with Al2O3, MgAl2O4 coatings are presented.

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  • oxide electroinsulation coating
  • air plasma spraying (APS)
  • wear-resistant
  • friction coefficient
  • ITER