Wear under Conditions of Dry Friction of a Composite Material Based on an Aluminum Alloy Reinforced with Nanocrystalline Graphite

Abstract—Structural-phase composition analysis and dry sliding friction tests are performed under loading of 1–15 N of a composite material based on an aluminum alloy reinforced with nanocrystalline. graphite The influence of loading on the friction coefficient and wear of the composite material–steel friction pair is assessed. Comparative analysis of the tribological properties of the composite material and initial aluminum alloy is carried out. The features of the surface morphology and chemical composition of the friction pair are studied.

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The study was carried out with the financial support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project no. 17-48-330 771 р_а).

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Correspondence to A.V. Aborkin.

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  • ball milling
  • nanocrystalline graphite
  • composite material
  • friction coefficient
  • wear