Diffraction-Free Mathieu Pulses in a Carbon Nanotube Medium under the Conditions of an Optical Resonator


The propagation of an extremely short three-dimensional optical pulse in a medium of semiconductor carbon nanotubes under the conditions of a cylindrical optical resonator is studied theoretically. The pulse’s cross section is described by Mathieu functions. Numerical modeling is used to show that such pulses propagate steadily, retaining their energy in a limited spatial region. The pulse is reflected off the walls of the optical resonator and encounters further interference. Calculations are performed in the time domain up to 140 ps, which is important for possible practical applications.

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Yu.V. Dvuzhilova, I.S. Dvuzhilov, and M.B. Belonenko thank the RF Ministry of Science and Higher Education for their State Task in support of numerical modeling, project no. 0633-2020-0003.

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Correspondence to Yu. V. Dvuzhilova.

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Translated by V. Alekseev

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