A Method for Increasing the Fatigue Life of Pump Rods


A method for increasing the fatigue life of pump rods and similar elongated cylindrical products is considered. The method consists in creating normal compressing residual stresses in the near-surface region of the product; the stresses are created by sequential elastoplastic deformation: first, by extension, then, when fixed under axial strain, by torsion. It is shown how the residual stresses are generated in the bulk product during its hardening by combined extension and torsion.

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The work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project no. 19-01-00555 A.

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  • fatigue life
  • pump rods
  • residual stresses
  • combined extension and torsion
  • elastoplastic deformation
  • hardening technology
  • corrosion–fatigue strength.