Solving the Problem of the Deployment Kinematics of a Large Petal Reflector


The deployment kinematics of a petal reflector is considered. An engineering approach to solving the partial problem of determining the sole rotation axis of the petal that provides for deployment of the reflector is proposed. The results of a numerical simulation of the deployment kinematics and the results of tests of the full-scale mockup are presented.

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This work was supported by the Roscosmos State Corporation, project no. 024-5567/17/211 (December 7, 2017).

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Correspondence to M. Yu. Arkhipov.

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The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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Translated by O. Pismenov

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Arkhipov, M.Y., Savel’ev, V.A., Smirnov, A.V. et al. Solving the Problem of the Deployment Kinematics of a Large Petal Reflector. J. Mach. Manuf. Reliab. 49, 796–801 (2020).

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  • petal reflector deployment kinematics
  • space telescope
  • millimetron.