Using Magnesian Agglomerate in Blast Furnaces for Smelting Steelmaking Iron


The technology of producing and applying magnesian agglomerate with the Bakal concentrate of burnt siderite ore (CBSO) used in the batch mixture is considered. According to lab tests on a sintering pot plant, an increase in the CBSO content in the sinter burden of the Vysokaya Gora Mining and Processing Works (VG MPW) increases the nodulizing degree and the vertical caking rate. Intensified caking was observed in the industrial experiment, including the replacement with CBSO of an ore mixture part based on the concentrate from the Bogoslovskoe mine group (MG). The influence of magnesian agglomerates on the performance levels of the blast furnaces of Novolipetsk steel is studied. It is established that the replacement of the common agglomerate from the VG MPW with its magnesian counterpart, pellets from the Mikhailovskii MPW included (20 to 30%), has allowed cutting the consumption of coke and crude lime stone, reducing the basicity of the slag, and increasing the manganese content in the cast iron.

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  • magnesian agglomerate
  • CBSO
  • nodulizing degree
  • pellets
  • coke
  • lime stone
  • sintering machine
  • blast furnace