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Application of Ultrasonication to Intensify the Thermal Cracking of Fuel Oil in a Mixture with Oil Shale


The results of the determination of the effect of low-frequency ultrasonic treatment on the thermal cracking of fuel oil mixed with shale from the Kendyrlyk deposit (Republic of Kazakhstan) are reported. It has been established that, upon the addition 12% Kendyrlyk shale to fuel oil with the subsequent ultrasonic treatment of the mixture, the maximum yields of a gasoline fraction with bp to 180°C and a diesel fraction with bp 180–360°C were as high as 20.4 and 44.9%, respectively.

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The development work was supported by the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (project no. AR05131550).

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Corresponding authors

Correspondence to Zh. K. Kairbekov or A. S. Maloletnev or I. M. Dzheldybaeva.

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Translated by V. Makhlyarchuk

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Kairbekov, Z.K., Maloletnev, A.S. & Dzheldybaeva, I.M. Application of Ultrasonication to Intensify the Thermal Cracking of Fuel Oil in a Mixture with Oil Shale. Solid Fuel Chem. 54, 175–179 (2020). https://doi.org/10.3103/S0361521920030052

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  • ultrasonic treatment
  • thermal cracking
  • oil shale
  • fuel oil