Features of the Focal Mechanisms of the Strongest Mediterranean Earthquakes


The focal mechanisms of earthquakes in the Mediterranean region that do not match the double couple focal model and that describe the complex source rupture are considered. Analysis is performed by decomposition of the observed seismic moment tensor of the strongest earthquakes into isotropic (ISO), double couple (DC), and compensated linear vector dipole (CLVD) components. There were 121 earth- quakes with magnitudes over 5.5 in the region according to the observations for 2000–2019. Of these, 57 events do not match the double couple model. The CLVD parameters are obtained for these earthquakes, and the physical interpretation of the results of the seismic moment tensor decomposition are proposed. This is the first time such an analysis is conducted. Conclusions about the features of the observed destruction processes and the structure of the medium in the focal zones are made based on the results.

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  • seismic moment tensor
  • earthquake focal mechanism
  • dynamic rupture
  • compensated linear vector dipole