Analysis of the Photonic Crystal Power Splitter Based on the Junction Defect Radius for Optimum Resonance

  • P. JindalEmail author
  • H. J. Kaur
Optical Information Technologies


Nano-photonics is an emerging area of optical materials, which would take the optointegrated circuits towards progress. Photonic crystal (PC) based power splitters are useful constituents for the design of photonic integrated circuits (PICs). They are very important devices for connecting different building blocks on an integrated optical chip. In this paper, a two-dimensional PC Y-junction power splitter (21×15 μm) based on the resonance effect with circular air holes etched on a hexagonal lattice with a period a is proposed. The plane wave expansion (PWE) and finite difference time domain (FDTD) techniques are used for analyzing the structure. The simulation results show that the optimum resonance occurs when the radius of the defect hole is 0.3a, leading to the maximum and equal power distribution.


photonic crystal photonic bandgap power splitter defect hole PWE 


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