Journal of Friction and Wear

, Volume 39, Issue 6, pp 505–511 | Cite as

Durability Evaluation for Friction Pairs with Solid Lubrication Coatings under Reverse Motion

  • P. N. KhopinEmail author
  • O. V. Kozlova
  • L. E. Gorbach


A methodology is developed for assessing the durability of friction pairs with solid lubrication coatings (SLCs) having different compositions functioning under the conditions of the reverse motion based on adjusting the durability values obtained for unidirectional sliding friction by reduction to a unified temperature mode using the thermocorrelational dependences of the durability on the friction temperature and conversion factors for a decrease in durability.


solid lubricating coatings durability reverse movement 



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  1. 1.Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)MoscowRussia

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