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Economic Benefits from Optimal Drum Treatment of Blast-Furnace Coke

  • D. A. MuchnikEmail author
  • V. P. LyalyukEmail author


Practically all steel plants rely on a narrow range of options in improving the quality of blast-furnace coke: adjusting the properties of the coal batch and improving the technology for coke production. At the same time, the preliminary crushing of coke not only stabilizes its properties but also significantly enhances them, so that the specified composition and strength may be obtained. As an example, the efficiency of coke crushing is optimized in specific conditions. The calculations laid out in the example should facilitate the adoption of this approach.


blast-furnace coke preliminary crushing strength M25 abradability M10 >80 mm class blast furnaces furnace productivity coke consumption 



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  1. 1.Fuel TechnologiesArielIsrael
  2. 2.Krivoy Rog Metallurgical Institute, Ukrainian Metallurgical AcademyKrivoy RogUkraine

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