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Optimal Oven Heating of Coke Cake. 2. Selection of the Inert Gas

  • D. G. ZublevEmail author
  • V. D. BarskyEmail author
  • A. V. KravchenkoEmail author


The formation of the combustion flame in the heating channels of coke ovens is analyzed. The need for redesign of the components so as to permit recirculation of the combustion products by thermal ejection is established. That will result in elongation of the flame. In addition, the organization of forced recirculation by the supply of combustion products or inert gas to the heating channels with ascending flux is proposed. In this approach, it is possible to use water vapor, pure nitrogen, or blast-furnace gas from a steel plant or coke plant. The analysis yields the conclusion that these measures will ensure more uniform heating over the height of the cake in existing coke batteries, slow defect formation in the channel lining, and decrease atmospheric emissions.


coke battery gas flame temperature combustion products inert gas 



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  1. 1.OAO Gubakhinskii KoksGubakhaRussia
  2. 2.Ukrainian State University of Chemical TechnologyDnepropetrovskUkraine

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