Complexation of Optical, Ultrasound, and X-ray Images in Intraoperative Navigation Systems

  • I. L. EgoshinaEmail author


A comparative analysis is performed of modern means of complexing images in laparoscopic surgery. A way of increasing the accuracy of complexing multispectral images using three-dimensional means, and of solving the problem of anatomical deformation via the application of augmented reality based on biophotonics, is proposed. The coincidence between additional information and a laparoscopic image is one advantage of approaches to augmented reality that are based on biophotonics, since the data originate from the same endoscope. Calibration of the camera is in this case not required, since the lens is naturally distorted in both augmented reality and the image.



This work was supported by the RF Ministry of Education and Science, project no. RFMEFI577170254, “An Intraoperational Navigation System for Minimally Invasive Surgery with the Support of Augmented Reality Technology Based on Virtual 3D Models of Organs, Obtained Using the Results from CT Diagnostics.”


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