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Production of Complex Calcium-Containing Ferrous Alloys of Waste Smelter Slags and High-Ash Coals


Based on studies, the technological process results of the production of a complex calcium-containing ferrous alloy of waste blast-furnace slag using high-ash coal from the Saryadyr coal field and coal slurry from the Karaganda coal basin are presented. The study was conducted on the experimental site of the Abishev Chemical Metallurgical Institute using an ore-smelting furnace equipped with a 200-kV A transformer. The main task of the study was ensuring the complete reduction of all oxides of the charge comprised of blast-furnace slag, high-ash coal, and coal slurry in a continuous, stable, and easy-to-control slagless process.

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This study was conducted to implement the scientific–engineering program no. BR05236708 “On Scientific–Technological Study of the Feasibility of Expanding the Raw Material Source Base for Ferrous Metallurgy Using Low-Coking Power-Generating Coals and Industrial Waste to Produce Novel Multi-Purpose Materials” within the framework of the Agreement on Targeted Financing for the 2018–2020 Period concluded with the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Correspondence to N. R. Timirbayeva.

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Translated by O. Lotova

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  • complex ferrous alloy
  • waste smelter slag
  • calcium-containing ferrous alloy
  • high-ash coal
  • ferrous alloys with alkaline-earth metals