Vanadium Dispersion Strengthening of Low-Carbon Pipe Steels


The research results of the nitrogen and vanadium influence on the microstructure, fine structure formation and mechanical properties of low-carbon steel pipe are considered. It is shown that it is possible to obtain cold-resistant mill products with strength classes from K48 to K60 with high (26–29%) percentage of elongation by dispersion hardening due to the precipitation of vanadium particles together with hardening of a manganese solid solution in the conditions of the Vyksa Metallurgical Plant casting and rolling complex.

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Correspondence to V. V. Naumenko.

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Translated by A. Kolemesin

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Naumenko, V.V., Bagmet, O.A., Matrosov, M.Y. et al. Vanadium Dispersion Strengthening of Low-Carbon Pipe Steels. Steel Transl. 49, 642–648 (2019).

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  • casting and rolling complex
  • low-carbon microalloyed steels
  • vanadium
  • nitrogen
  • strengthening mechanisms
  • dispersion hardening
  • microstructure
  • mechanical properties