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Solid-Fuel Combustion in the Sintering of Siderite Ore

  • B. P. Yur’ev
  • V. A. DudkoEmail author


Two technologies are considered for the preparation of solid fuel used in sintering: crushing with portions of roasted siderite ore whose strength is less than that of the fuel; or crushing of the fuel alone and subsequent mixing with the ore portions. On the basis of derivatographic data, kinetic equations are written for the high-temperature combustion of coke fines in a fuel–ore mixture obtained by the two methods. The most flammable fuel fraction in sintering is established. The results indicate that crushing of the fuel mixed with weaker additives is more effective in terms of decreasing the content of fines in the fuel and hence intensifying the combustion of large pieces.


sinter production solid fuel crushing roasted siderite ore derivatographic analysis combustion kinetics fuel fractions coke fines 


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