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Elastoplastic Flexure of Round Steel Beams. 1. Springback Coefficient

  • V. N. ShinkinEmail author


Round steel beams are widely used in metallurgy, manufacturing, and construction. It is often irreplaceable in the production of machines and mechanical equipment on account of its excellent corrosion resistance and remarkable strength. Cylindrical springs for road and railroad vehicles are manufactured from round beams by means of special bending machines. Round beams also serve as blanks in the production of seamless pipe for the oil and gas industry. Stepped round beams are used as rollers in rolling and straightening mills. Steel rebar is manufactured from round beams of similar size. Outside Russia, the main producers of continuous-casting machines for the production of round billet are SMS Demag (Germany), Danieli (Italy), SMS Concast (Switzerland), and Siemens VAI (Austria). Russian producers include AO Chusovskii Metallurgicheskii Zavod, PAO Chelyabinskii Metallurgicheskii Kombinat, AO Volzhskii Trunbnyi Zavod, OAO Nizhneserginskii Metizno-Metallurgicheskii Zavod, AO Chepetskii Mekhanicheskii Zavod, PAO Severskii Trubnyi Zavod, and PAO Taganrogskii Metallurgicheskii Zavod. In the manufacture of parts from round beams and their use, they often experience elastic or elastoplastic flexure or complex torsion and flexure. In the present work, we propose an analytical method of calculating the residual curvature of round steel beams in elastoplastic flexure. In the calculations, the residual curvature of the round beam after flexure and the bending moments of the beam cross section in flexure are determined as a function of the beam radius, the Young’s modulus, the yield point, and the hardening modulus of the steel. The results may be widely used at manufacturing and metallurgical plants.


round steel beams beam curvature beam cross section bending moment springback coefficient residual strain normal stress relative elongation elastic modulus hardening modulus elastoplastic medium linear hardening 


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