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Geochemical Studies of Cenozoic Shale Beds of the Western Cis-Caucasian Region


Geochemical parameters of the Cenozoic shale strata of the western Ciscaucasia have been analyzed. Oil source strata were identified in the study. The geochemical characteristics of organic matter (OM) of the Kumian rocks revealed high oil source potential of the rocks. The formation and emigration of hydrocarbons (HCs) were inferred from qualitative and quantitative changes. Sapropelic OM generated large amounts of hydrocarbons in the Kuma Sequence, with the value increasing from the top to the bottom of the profile. Para-autochthonous and migratory bitumoids were registered on the PC3 gradation and well-developed on the MK2 gradation (at a depth of 4.6–5.0 km). A comprehensive study of OM from Khadumian rocks by pyrolysis, bituminology, and chromatography showed that all kerogen types were developed in the rocks, but mixed OM with moderate oil source potential predominated. Maximal organic carbon (Corg) concentrations and genetic potential were observed within the Western Kuban trough, as well as in the strip of outcrops in the Adygei ledge area. The improvement in geochemical parameters in these areas is due to a decrease in the terrigenous component in the crude OM in the same direction.

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The studies were carried out with the financial support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation as part of Assignment no. 10.6569.2017/BCh for research work (the basic part of the state assignment in the field of scientific activity). This study was also financially supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project no. 20-35-70062.

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Correspondence to V. Yu. Kerimov or R. N. Mustaev or F. G. Zhagfarov or D. S. Khudyakov.

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Translated by S. Semenova

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  • geochemical studies
  • pyrolysis
  • bituminology
  • western Ciscaucasia
  • organic matter
  • generation potential