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Coal Waste as a Promising Raw Material for the Production of Heat-Resistant Refractory β-Sialon Ceramics


The β- and 15R-sialons were obtained from coal waste (carbonaceous rocks) at the Institute of Fossil Fuels (IGI) for the first time in the world. Ceramics based on β-sialon powder made from carbonaceous rock by compression sintering possessed increased cracking resistance, as compared to that of known analogues, even when heated in a plasma flow at 2000°C. In this case, other characteristics of the ceramics, such as strength and thermal coefficient of linear expansion, are also in the acceptable ranges of characteristics for such materials. The full-scale tests of odd-shaped products at temperatures to 1420–1450°C did not cause destruction and cracking; this fact demonstrates the applicability of carbonaceous rocks of a certain composition as raw materials for the production of heat-resistant refractory nitride ceramics based on β-sialon. Technical requirements imposed on the composition of carbonaceous rocks suitable for the production of β-sialon found in the course of this study and technical characteristics of β- and 15R-sialon ceramics obtained from carbonaceous rocks are reported.

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The studies on the preparation and characterization of ceramic materials and products from sialon powders obtained at the IGI from carbonaceous rocks were carried out under the supervision of Prof. A.G. Romashin and Dr. Sci. (Eng.) V.V. Vikulin.

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Correspondence to L. A. Kost or M. Ya. Shpirt.

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Translated by V. Makhlyarchuk

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Kost, L.A., Lebedeva, L.N. & Shpirt, M.Y. Coal Waste as a Promising Raw Material for the Production of Heat-Resistant Refractory β-Sialon Ceramics. Solid Fuel Chem. 53, 357–361 (2019).

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  • carbonaceous rock
  • coal waste
  • heat treatment
  • reduction–nitridation
  • sintering
  • sialon ceramics
  • heat-resistant refractory ceramics