The Modern Radioecological Situation in Pine Ecosystems of the Southeastern Part of Moscow Oblast

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The radioecological situation in pine biogeocenosis in the southeastern part of Moscow oblast (based on the example of Ramensky raion) is analyzed. Contamination levels of soil, trees, grass, moss, and mushrooms by the natural (226Ra and 232Th) and technogenic (137Cs) radionuclides are assessed. It is shown that the radiation situation in the study area is classified as safe according to the main indicators.

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Correspondence to O. B. Tsvetnova or A. I. Shcheglov or E. S. Snimshchikova.

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Translated by L. A. Solovyova

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  • radioecological situation
  • pine biogeocenosis
  • 226Ra
  • 232Th
  • 137Cs
  • soils
  • plants
  • mushrooms