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The Maastrichtian–Danian Boundary Deposits of Central Crimea: New Data on Calcareous Nanoplankton

  • E. A. LyginaEmail author
  • M. A. UstinovaEmail author
  • R. R. GabdullinEmail author
  • A. V. ReentovichEmail author


This article discusses the structural peculiarities and new data on the distribution of calcareous nanoplankton from Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary deposits of the central area of Piedmont (Predgornyi) Crimea. Both Maastrichtian and Danian rocks contain abundant Cretaceous nanoplankton assemblages. Danian nanoplankton is scarce, characterized by a poor degree of preservation, or even absent. Upper Maastrichtian rocks contain the species Tranolithus orionatus (=Tranolithus phacelosus Stover), which is typical of the Lower Maastrichtian and unknown in the Upper Maastrichtian of the European section; the only reported section of this age containing this species is in southwestern Tunisia. The NP2–NP4 zones are distinguished in the Danian deposits. The paleogeographic problem is also addressed.


Maastrichtian Danian calcareous nanoplankton Central Crimea 



This work was carried out in the framework of State Contract no. 0135-2019-0057 and supported in part by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (projects nos. 18-05-00495 and 18-05-00503) and International Geoscience and Geoparks Programme (IGGP, project no. 609).


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