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Modification of a Mathematical Model of Non-Isothermal Flow in an Oil-Kerogen-Containing Reservoir Taking Thermal Degradation of Kerogen into Account

  • A. V. KayukovaEmail author
  • A. V. IsaevaEmail author


This paper deals with modification of a mathematical model for the multicomponent non-isothermal flow of oil and gas considering the processes of thermal degradation of kerogen upon heating of oil-kerogen-containing reservoirs. A system of differential equations that describe thermal degradation is formulated based on the data on testing a thermal-gas method at the deposit of the Bazhenov formation, as well as using the data from laboratory pyrolytic studies. The one-dimensional initial-boundary problem that is obtained is solved using numerical methods. The numerical experiments were carried out at different values of parameters for two models: the classical model of multi-component three-phase flow and the model supplemented by the equations that describe thermal degradation. The computational results obtained based on the two different models are compared; the advantages of the model proposed in this paper are shown.


thermal degradation kerogen Bazhenov formation multi-component non-isothermal flow. 



This paper was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (grant no. 15-07-99584).


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