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Packed column inlet as a direct injection capillary inlet

  • Rafał WawrzyniakEmail author
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Discrimination is a known problem when analyzing high-boiling compounds, which considerably hinders their analysis at trace levels. This problem can be solved by using either direct or on-column injection. Modification of a standard injection port liner and a micro-syringe is presented, so that a direct injection with in-column evaporation can be easily done. The proposed changes are compatible with any packed column injection port, simple to implement, and inexpensive. The changes are described and the analysis of acyloglycerols in diesel oil spiked with 50 % FAME is used to demonstrate the utility of the proposed injection technique.


direct injection on-column injection sample injector modification capillary columns 


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  1. 1.Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of ChemistryAdam Mickiewicz UniversityPoznańPoland

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