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Active components of mantis eggs and their immunomodulatory effect in a mouse model

  • Ali Mohammad ZandEmail author
  • Mojtaba Saadati
  • Jamil Zargan
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Tenodera angustipennis is an Asian praying mantis, whose crude extracts have long been used for the prevention and treatment of bacterial and viral diseases. Despite significant progress in obtaining biomaterials from praying mantis, antiherpetic activity of T. angustipennis eggs is not well defined. In this study, we characterized the crude extracts from T. angustipennis eggs using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) methods. Inhibition of cell proliferation by mantis egg extracts and isolated components was investigated on lymphocytes in a MTT assay. Furthermore, the effects of egg extracts against the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) strain KOS (HSV-1 KOS) were evaluated in a mouse model. The HPLC and GC/MS results showed that the extracts are mainly composed of stearic acid monoterpenes, octadecanoic acid, hexadecanoic acid, and propionic acid. Investigation on the immunomodulatory effects of the extracted components following infection of mice with HSV-1 KOS virus showed an increase in serum interferon-gamma level (26.01 ± 5.21 vs. 18.67 ± 3.23 pg/mL, respectively) and interleukin-10 level (106.64 ± 4.13 vs. 48.04 ± 3.12 pg/mL, respectively) in test and control groups (for both p < 0.05). It indicates that the mantis egg components have shifted the cytokines induction to the anti-inflammatory arm and probably truncated inflammation caused by HSV-1 KOS virus. Our findings can be considered as an early attempt to reveal the comprehensive biological properties of T. angustipennis eggs as new anti-inflammatory components in future pharmaceutical investigations.


Tenodera angustipennis Praying mantis HSV-1 KOS Interferon-gamma Interleukin-10 Immunomodulation 



We thankfully acknowledge all authors and coworkers for their contributions. Also, we thank Dr. Abbas Hajizade, Dr. Md. Asaduzzaman Khan, and Dr. Marzieh Dehghan Shasaltaneh who critically edited and revised the manuscript.

Compliance with ethical standards

Ethics committee approval

Ethics committee approval was received for this study from the ethics committee of the biology department at IHU University. Also, Ethical approval and written consent of the all participants- donor of blood- were taken according local ethical committee of biology department at IHU University and Declaration of Helsinki (1983 Revision).

Competing interest

The authors declare no conflict of interest.


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  • Mojtaba Saadati
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