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Chromosome numbers and polyploidy in Orobanche (Orobanchaceae)


Chromosome numbers are reported for 48 collections representing ten species (and five subspecies) ofOrobanche of western North America. Two species of sect.Gymnocaulis have 2n = 48; previous counts are 2n = 36 and 72 for one of these species. In sect.Nothaphyllon eight species have 2n = 48 and three of these (O. cooperi, O. corymbosa, O. parishii) also have 2n = 96. One instance (2n = 72) of apparent intraspecific hybridization between the two polyploid levels was found inO. cooperi. The taxonomy ofO. cooperi and of the closely relatedO. multicaulis is discussed in relation to polyploidy. A review of chromosome numbers inOrobanche points to the need for corroboration of the reports of 2n = 36 and 40, as well as other specific counts. Probablyx = 12 for sectionsGymnocaulis, Nothaphyllon, andTrionychon. Derivation ofx = 19 for sect.Orobanche remains problematical.

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Correspondence to L. R. Heckard.

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We thank those who contributed collections for this study, especially Edward Lee and Karen D. Cox, Robert Orduff for comments on the manuscript, and Mrs. Fei Mei Chuang for laboratory assistance.

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