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pH-dependent budesonide compares well in Crohn’s disease

  • Andrew Bowser
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The latest formulation of budesonide for Crohn’s disease (CD) is a pH-modified-release preparation that shows efficacy and tolerability comparable to, or perhaps even better than, its predecessor, a controlled ileal-release (CIR) formulation, according to data presented at Digestive Disease Week [ New Orleans, US; May 1998 ]. However, certain patients do not benefit from the newer formulation and, despite apparently fewer adverse effects, one study group was unable to demonstrate an improvement in quality of life (QOL) that exceeded that seen with prednisone therapy. In any case, the new budesonide formulation is released significantly later than the CIR formulation, leading investigators to suggest that it may result in fewer adverse effects and better targeting. In addition, further research has shown that the bioavailability of CIR budesonide does not vary whether it’s taken before or after a meal.

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