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High hopes for Cel-Sci’s ‘LEAPS’ vaccine technology

  • Gill Higgins
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The aim of research at Cel-Sci is to develop vaccines that can improve the fighting capacity of the immune system by stimulating selected immune cells. Cel-Sci is hopeful that this can be achieved using the company’s ligandepitope-antigen presentation system (‘LEAPS’) vaccine technology. One of the potential advantages of this technology is that it may alleviate the need for a carrier protein, thus simplifying the manufacturing process and reducing costs. The company hopes that this technology will be suitable for developing vaccines against viruses, bacteria and parasites, as well as those for use in cancer, autoimmune and allergic indications. Cel-Sci’s vicepresident of research Dr Daniel Zimmerman told Inpharma® that the company is ‘very excited’ about progress to date, particularly regarding the vaccines under development for the treatment of HIV infection.


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