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Gaining Physician Buy-In for Disease Management Initiatives



Achieving the support of physicians is perhaps the most difficult challenge to successfully implementing a disease management programme. Most physicians are sceptical of disease management initiatives. Many perceive these programmes to be a threat to their professional autonomy or an unreasonable demand on their limited time with patients. Nonetheless, failure to achieve high levels of physician support results in suboptimal levels of patient identification, enrolment and effectiveness of interventions. Therefore, it is impossible to achieve good outcomes across a large population without achieving physician buy-in.

Leaders of organisations implementing disease management programmes can use 5 core strategies to achieve physician buy-in for disease management programmes. These are: education, enlisting champions, ‘creating a box’, building on success, and sharing the gains. Providing education corrects misconceptions many physicians have about disease management. Champions are respected clinicians who are willing to share their positive views of a disease management programme. ‘Creating a box’ sets clear goals and expectations for physicians who consider building a disease management programme. Building on success involves demonstrating that a relatively easy programme works before attempting a more complex or controversial programme. Finally, sharing the gains means that physicians should be rewarded for their time and effort supporting disease management programmes.


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