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Postmarketing Surveillance of Perindopril in Australia

  • Trefor Morgan
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Perindopril was released on the Australian market in 1992 and was the third angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor to be marketed in this country. A general practice postmarketing surveillance study was undertaken for 12 months in 1191 patients who were prescribed Perindopril to treat hypertension or cardiac failure. Clinical improvement was reported in approximately 80% of patients and this continued throughout the study in 70%. The drug was well tolerated and its adverse effect profile was similar to that of other ACE inhibitors, with cough as the principal effect. Hypotension was uncommon and occurred in only 4 patients. 45 patients were hospitalised during the study primarily because of cardiovascular events. 11 patients died during the study, and 7 of these were more than 80 years of age. In conclusion, Perindopril was an effective, well tolerated drug when used in general practice to treat hypertension and cardiac failure.


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