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▴ Delapril/manidipine 30mg/10mg is a new oral, once-daily, fixed combination of an ACE inhibitor and a dihydropyridine calcium-channel antagonist for the treatment of essential hypertension.

▴ In a dose-finding study in 400 patients with mild to moderate hypertension, delapril/manidipine 30mg/ 10mg once daily produced the greatest reduction in blood pressure (BP) of the combinations tested. Delapril/manidipine 30mg/10mg once daily for 6 weeks reduced systolic BP (SBP)/diastolic BP (DBP)by 15/13mm Hg.

▴ In nonresponders to monotherapy with delapril (n = 155) or manidipine (n = 152), delapril/manidipine 30mg/10mg once daily for 12 weeks reduced mean SBP/DBP by 16/11mm Hg and 16/10mm Hg, respectively.

▴ Delapril/manidipine 30mg/10mg once daily for 12 weeks in patients with mild to moderate hypertension (n = 131) demonstrated significantly greater antihypertensive efficacy than monotherapy with manidipine 10mg once daily (n = 134) or delapril 15mg twice daily (n = 136). Mean SBP/DBP reductions from baseline were 19/14, 15/11 and 14/ 10mm Hg, respectively.

▴ After 50 weeks of therapy with delapril/manidipine 30mg/10mg once daily, mean SBP/DBP was reduced by 22/14mm Hg in patients with mild to moderate hypertension (n = 309).

▴ Delapril/manidipine 30mg/10mg once daily was generally well tolerated. The incidence and nature of adverse events were similar to those observed in recipients of monotherapy with the individual agents. Combination therapy was associated with less ankle oedema than manidipine monotherapy.


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