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In Early-Stage Prostate Cancer
  • Christopher I. Carswell
  • David P. Figgitt
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  • ▴ Bicalutamide is an oral, once-daily nonsteroidal antiandrogen. Its efficacy in localised or locally advanced prostate cancer is currently being investigated as part of the Early Prostate Cancer (EPC) programme.

  • ▴ In the EPC programme, bicalutamide 150 mg/day, as an adjunct to radiotherapy, radical prostatectomy or watchful waiting, significantly reduced the risk of objective disease progression, the incidence of bone metastases and the risk of prostate specific antigen progression compared with placebo (p < 0.0001 for all three parameters) after a median follow-up of 3 years. Survival data are currently immature, with an overall mortality rate of 6% in both treatment arms.

  • ▴ In two nonblind, randomised trials, bicalutamide 150 mg/day monotherapy was as effective as medical or surgical castration in terms of overall survival in patients with locally advanced nonmetastatic prostate cancer. After a median follow-up of 6.3 years, median survival was 63.5 and 69.9 months for bicalutamide and castration, respectively; time to disease progression was also similar between treatment groups. Bicalutamide recipients reported a significantly smaller loss in sexual interest and a better physical capacity than recipients of castration (p ≤0.05 for both parameters).

  • ▴ Bicalutamide is well tolerated in studies of up to 6.3 years’ duration.


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