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Penetration and Concentration of Cefadroxil in Sputum, Lung and Pleural Fluid

  • C. H. Nightingale


The penetrability of cefadroxil in sputum, pleural fluid and lung tissue was examined in patients with acute respiratory infections, or who were undergoing thoracic surgery. The concentration of antibiotic in these tissues after single doses of 500mg or 1g was approximately half of that seen in serum, but persisted longer. In all biological matter studied, the concentration of cefadroxil was sufficient to inhibit pathogens such as S. aureus, S. pneumoniae and S. pyogenes, shown to be common causes of respiratory illnesses. Thus, cefadroxil should be a useful agent in the treatment of such infections.


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  • C. H. Nightingale
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Pharmacy ServicesHartford HospitalHartfordUSA

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