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Metabolic Effects ofβ-Adrenoreceptor Blockers

  • Hendrika J. Waal-Manning
Session V: Pharmacology of β-Adrenoreceptor Blocking Drugs Chairman: Professor M.J. Rand (Melbourne)


The effects of β-blockade on glucose metabolism are complex. Some patients with impaired glucose tolerance while taking a non-selectiveβ-blocker, showed some improvement in glucose tolerance when therapy was changed to a β1 -blocker (metoprolol). Serum K+ values tend to rise slightly on β-blocking therapy; small increases in serum urea and creatinine also occur. A rise in plasma triglycerides was noted in patients startingβ-blocking therapy; this effect seemed to be more marked on metoprolol than on non-selectiveβ-blockers.


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  • Hendrika J. Waal-Manning
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  1. 1.Wellcome Medical Research Institute, Department of MedicineUniversity of Otago Medical SchoolDunedinNew Zealand

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