Risk of COVID-19 infection among lupus erythematosus patients and rheumatoid arthritis patients: a retrospective study in Hubei, China


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Correspondence to Jingjing Wen or Huinan Suo.

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Acknowledgments: we would like to thank Biling Jiang, Yangxue Fu, Ganglin Xu, Xiaoping Miao, Chun Zhang, Rong Du, Wang xue, Li Qianru, Lou Yuchen, Wang bingbing, Sha shanshan, Su Xingyu, Song Zexing, Wang Yifei, Huang Qiuyi, Xia Yuting, Yang liu, Nie Wenjia, Liu Yan, Gao Lixie, Yin Taoyuan for their clinical follow-up support in this paper. Funding: This work was supported by HUST COVID-19 Rapid Response Call Program (2020kfyXGYJ056) and Hubei Provincial Emergency Science and Technology Program for COVID-19 (2020FCA037). Conflicts of interest: none. Ethics approval: the study was reviewed and approved by the Wuhan Union Hospital Ethics Committee (0064-1).

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Wen, J., Suo, H., Zhang, Y. et al. Risk of COVID-19 infection among lupus erythematosus patients and rheumatoid arthritis patients: a retrospective study in Hubei, China. Eur J Dermatol 30, 751–753 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1684/ejd.2020.3926

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