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Buckling response of offshore pipelines under combined tension, bending, and external pressure



The buckle and collapse of offshore pipeline subjected to combined actions of tension, bending, and external pressure during deepwater installation has drawn a great deal of attention. Extended from the model initially proposed by Kyriakides and his co-workers, a 2D theoretical model which can successfully account for the case of simultaneous tension, bending, and external pressure is further developed. To confirm the accuracy of this theoretical method, numerical simulations are conducted using a 3D finite element model within the framework of ABAQUS. Excellent agreement between the results validates the effectiveness of this theoretical method. The model is then used to study the effects of several important factors such as load path, material properties, and diameter-to-thickness ratio, etc., on buckling behaviors of the pipes. Based upon parametric studies, a few significant conclusions are drawn, which aims to provide the design guidelines for deepwater pipeline with solid theoretical basis.

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Deepwater Offshore pipeline Buckle External pressure 

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