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Eccentricity and thermoviscous effects on ultrasonic scattering from a liquid-coated fluid cylinder

  • Seyyed M. Hasheminejad
  • M. A. Alibakhshi


Calculation of the scattered field of the eccentric scatterers is an old problem with numerous applications. This study considers the interaction of a plane compressional sound wave with a liquid-encapsulated thermoviscous fluid cylinder submerged in an unbounded viscous thermally conducting medium. The translational addition theorem for cylindrical wave functions, the appropriate wave field expansions and the pertinent boundary conditions are employed to develop a closed-form solution in the form of infinite series. The analytical results are illustrated with a numerical example in which the compound cylinder is insonified by a plane sound wave at selected angles of incidence in a wide range of dimensionless frequencies. The backscattered far-field acoustic pressure amplitude and the spatial distribution of the total acoustic pressure in the vicinity of the cylinder are evaluated and discussed for representative values of the parameters characterizing the system. The effects of incident wave frequency, angle of incidence, fluid thermoviscosity, core eccentricity and size are thoroughly examined. Limiting case involving an ideal compressible liquid-coated cylinder is considered and fair agreement with a well-known solution is established.

Key words

Thremoviscous effects Eccentric fluid cylinder Acoustic scattering 

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  1. 1.Acoustics Research Lab., Department of Mechanical EngineeringIran University of Science and TechnologyNarmak, TehranIran

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