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Mutagenic effects of chromium trioxide on root tip cells of Vicia faba

  • Qian Xiao-wei 


In this study on the mutagenic effects of different concentrations of chromium trioxide (CrO3) on Vicia faba root tip, micronucleus assay and chromosome aberration assay were used to determine the mitotic indexes, micronucleus rate and chromosome aberration rate of Vicia faba root tip cells. The results showed that the effects of CrO3 concentration on the mitotic indexes were complicated. CrO3 increases the micronucleus rate of Vicia faba root tip cells. It was found that within certain range of CrO3 concentration the micronucleus rate increased systematically with increased concentration of CrO3, but that the micronucleus rate decreased at higher level of CrO3 and that CrO3 also caused various types of chromosome aberration at a rate which increased systematically with increased concentration of CrO3. We concluded that CrO3 has significant mutagenic effect on Vicia faba root tip cells.

Key words

Chromium trioxide (CrO3Vicia faba Mitotic index Micronucleus rate Rate of chromosome aberration 

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  1. 1.School of Life and Environmental ScienceWenzhou Normal CollegeWenzhouChina

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