Characterization of the terrace-defect interfaces using in situ straining techniques


Terrace-defect interface (TDI) is defined as coherent interface with terraced defect structures, accompanied elastic strain associated with dislocation (b) and step height (h) characters. Basic knowledge of the elastic strain related motion mechanisms of TDI should help us to develop materials with desired properties and microstructures. Recently, in situ straining methods have emerged as powerful tools to investigate the microstructure evolution at different length-scale. In this review, we surveyed the recent advances of in situ straining on quantifying the TDI via diffraction-based and imaging-based methods, such as in situ optical microscopy, in situ X-ray diffraction, in situ scanning electron microscopy and in situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Among these methods, in situ high-resolution TEM possesses possibility to monitor the local strain and interface microstructure evolution simultaneously at atomic-scale. If combined with high throughput local strain analysis tools, this technique will motivate further experimental, theoretical and simulation studies on TDI related materials development.

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