Hot deformation and softening response in boronmodified two‐phase titanium aluminide Ti–48Al–2V–0.2B


Hot deformation and softening response for the titanium aluminide Ti–48Al–2V–0.2B has been investigated. The deformation response to softening mechanisms has been examined. Deformation experiments were carried out in the strain rate range 0.01–10 s−1 keeping the temperature constant at 1200 °C and in the temperature range 1000–1200 °C at the strain rate 1 s−1. With an increase in strain rate, the microstructural changes associated with the softening mechanism include breaking of the lamellae, spheroidization of the broken laths and dynamic recrystallization. For the strain rate 1 s−1, deformation in the (α2 +γ) phase field leads to fine recrystallized grains, remnant lamellae and cavitation along the grain boundaries (for temperatures 1000 and 1100 °C). Deformation in the (α +γ) phase field leads to dynamic recrystallization at the shear bands, within the lamellae, breaking and rotation of the α phase during the continuous increase in the deformation strain.

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The authors would like to thank the IIT Madras for providing the Gleeble facility and AFMM department of IISc Bangalore for characterization facility. Special Thanks to Mr. Rangan K of IIT Madras for their assistance to carry out a successful deformations test on the Gleeble.

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