Construction of Microbial Kinetics Database for PA of HLW disposal


To evaluate a change of chemical species of groundwater composition by the metabolism of microbes, which will be introduced to deep underground from the surface and be in a deep underground, is important for the discussion of the microbial effects on the performance assessment of the high-level radioactive waste repository. The purpose of this study is to develop of a microbial kinetics database to evaluate their activities in the deep underground environment.

Some microbial metabolism data were collected and constructed their kinetics database for aerobic, denitrifying, manganese reducing, iron reducing, sulfate reducing, methanogenic and acetogenic bacteria to evaluate above groundwater chemistry. About 1260 data were selected by literature survey for some journals and books published from 1960s and summarized in this microbial kinetics database. Some sensitivity analyses were performed for some parameter of metabolism of microbes.


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This database construction was carried out thanks to the support of Dr.Takahiro Asano (Chugai Technos Co. Ltd.) and Dr.Iku Miyasaka and Dr.Sakae Fukunaga(IHI Co., Ltd.). This study was performed as part of “Project for Assessment Methodology Development of Chemical Effects on Geological Disposal System” funded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan.

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