Treatment of Irradiated Graphite to Meet Acceptance Criteria for Waste Disposal: Problem and Solutions


An overview is given of an International Atomic Energy Agency Coordinated Research Project (CRP) on the treatment of irradiated graphite (i-graphite) to meet acceptance criteria for waste disposal. Graphite is a unique radioactive waste stream, with some quarter-million metric tons worldwide eventually needing to be disposed of. The CRP has involved 24 organizations from 10 Member States. Innovative and conventional methods for i-graphite characterization, retrieval, treatment and conditioning technologies have been explored in the course of this work, and offer a range of options for competent authorities in individual Member States to deploy according to local requirements and regulatory conditions.

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The authors acknowledge the efforts of all the CRP researchers (Table I) who contributed to the success of the program. AJW acknowledges financial support from the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

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