ZnO/PVA Macroscopic Fibers Bearing Anisotropic Photonic Properties


Composite PVA/ZnO-nanorods fibers, synthesized through co-axial flux extrusion exhibit higher anisotropic photonic properties, both in absorption and emission, as a result of the collective alignment of the ZnO nanorods along the main axis of the PVA fiber. This photonic anisotropy is triggered by a synergistic interaction between the PVA matrix, stretched above Tg, and cooled down under strain. Compared with non-elongated fibers that present an isotropic emission, composite fibers previously submitted to a tensile stress absorb selectively UV emission when the polarized laser beam is parallel to the main axis of the fiber. In addition, their photoluminescence is also anisotropic, with a waveguide behavior along the fiber’s main axis.

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