SiC multilayer photonic structures with self optical bias amplification


Stacked layered pin a-SiC/a-Si devices based on a filter design are approached from a reconfigurable point of view. This paper shows that a double SiC/Si pin photodiode can be decomposed into two photonic active filters changeable in function. Reconfiguration is provided by optical control signals to the optoelectronic front and back pin building blocks. Depending on the wavelength and irradiation side of the external optical bias the device acts either as a short- and a long- pass band filter or as a band-stop filter, amplifying or rejecting a specific wavelength range. Particular attention is given to the amplification coefficient weights, which allow taking into account the wavelength background effects. We illustrate these effects in detail and discuss the filters transfer function characteristics. We present examples of filters and we propose a reconfigurable device for directed optical logic. An algorithm to decode the information is presented. An optoelectronic model supports the optoelectronic logic architecture.

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This work was supported by FCT (CTS multi annual funding) through the PIDDAC Program funds and PTDC/EEA-ELC/111854/2009 and PTDC/EEA-ELC/120539/2010.

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