Intermediate Layers for Thin-Film Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cells on Glass Formed by Diode Laser Crystallization


Intermediate layers between silicon and borosilicate glass are investigated for compatibility with a diode laser crystallization technique for fabrication of thin-film polycrystalline silicon solar cells. SiCx, SiNx and SiOx layers or multilayer stacks of these materials have allowed silicon films of 10μm thickness to be successfully crystallized by diode laser irradiation without dewetting, with each option offering different advantages. SiCx allows the most robust crystallization process, while SiOx is the best barrier to contamination and the most stable layer. SiNx offers the best anti-reflection coating for superstrate configured solar cells. Presently, best device performance is achieved with a SiOx intermediate layer with cells achieving up to ~540 mV open-circuit voltage.

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This project has been supported by the Australian Government through the Australian Solar Institute (ASI) and ARC linkage grant LP0883548. Many thanks to Kazuo Omaki for silicon depositions, to Bill Gong for XPS measurements, to Patrick Campbell for assistance with sputter deposition, to EAG for SIMS measurements, to Suntech R&D Australia Pty Ltd and its employees for device processing and characterization assistance and to former employees of CSG Solar AG for their various contributions.

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