P-N Junction Formation in Electron-beam Irradiated Graphene Step


We show that graphene mono-/bilayer step operates as an abrupt p-n (p-p+) junction. Due to the thickness-dependent oxidation effect, the uniform channel can be adjusted to spatially asymmetrical junction by means of electron beam irradiation. The lithography-free process on OTMS modified substrate possesses the merit of clean surface and high performance. This conveniently fabricated graphene step device opens an opportunity to study the intrinsic interface across a well defined junction.

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The authors would like to express their gratitude to the colleagues in Solid-State Electronics Group, Department of Electronic Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, for various technical supports, especially, Dr. N. Ke for assistance in GFET fabrication. The work is in part supported by Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, particularly via Grants Nos. CUHK2/CRF/08, CUHK4179/10E, CUHK4182/09E, and CUHK 4179/12E. J. B. Xu thanks the National Science Foundation of China (Grants Nos. 60990314 and 60928009) for support. Correspondence and request for materials should be addressed to Prof. Jian-Bin Xu (jbxu@ee.cuhk.edu.hk).

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