Optical Properties of Alloyed PbSexS1−x Nanorods


We report the synthesis, structural and optical characterization of PbSexS1−x nanorods with diameter between 2 nm to 4.5 nm and length of 12 nm to 24 nm. Their typical photoluminescence spectra exhibit a split of the band-edge exciton band. The temperature dependence photoluminescence of these nanorods revealed a relatively small band-gap temperature coefficient and a mild extension of the radiative lifetime at cryogenic temperatures -all in comparison with photoluminescence processes in PbSe nanorods, as well as in PbSexS1−x quantum dots, with similar absorption band-edge energy. A theoretical model associates the experimental observations to the occurrence of independent transitions from either degenerate or non-degenerate band-edge valleys in PbSexS1-x nanorods, each of which possessing a relatively small electron-hole exchange interaction.

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The authors acknowledge support from the Israel Science Foundation (Projects No. 1009/07 and No. 1425/04), the USA-Israel Binational Science Foundation (No. 2006-225), the Ministry of Science (No. 3-896) and the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 246124 of the SANS project.

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