Large-scale Solution Processable Graphene-based Thin Film Devices


The purpose of this work is to fabricate large-scale solution processable graphene-based films from graphene oxide (GO) solution and to characterize the transport properties of these films. The graphene like film is produced by annealing of the GO film to form reduced graphene oxide (rGO) thin films. The conductive rGO thin films are useable as spacer layers in spin valves and as organic electrodes. Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) characterizations on the film thickness and morphology have been carried out and simple electrical transport studies performed on spin coated rGO thin films. We have fabricated rGO thin films ranging from few to tens of nanometers in thickness with conductivities in the order of 1-100 S/m. We also show that the morphology of the films play an important role in facilitating higher conductivities for rGO thin films.

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The authors, M. Pesonen, H. S. Majumdar and R. Österbacka, thankfully acknowledge the financial support from Academy of Finland, Center of Excellence Program (project nr. 141115). The authors, J. Kauppila and J. Lukkari, thankfully acknowledge the financial support of the Graduate School of Materials Research (GSMR).

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